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Fortress Foundation Solutions Case Studies: Excellent Example Of WaterGuard In Oilville, VA

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 by Kinsey Price


Fortress Foundation Solutions received a call from this homeowner due to issues concerning her basement. She explained that her basement was damp and musty because of the moist environment; she also had efflorescence on the floor and walls of the basement. The mustiness and dampness of this space was due to unwanted water and high humidity levels in the basement. The root of the moisture problem was tracked to the basement’s malfunctioning sump pump.


Fortress was happy to help this homeowner address all of her basement waterproofing problems. The sump pump was replaced with a SuperSump. A gravity exit was also installed to aid in the removal of the unwanted water. Other drainage systems were also installed: the WaterGuard Port. This helped with the water problems that this basement was experiencing. On the outside of the home, IceGuard and Lawnscape were installed, along with a pump discharge and pipeoff. All of these solutions work to help rid this basement of its musty and damp atmosphere.

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