4 Types of Moisture in Basements

Monday, October 25th, 2021 by Kinsey Price

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Basements are unlike any other area of the home. Why? Water.

Basements are bound to have some time of water leak at one point or another, and this causes many homeowners to neglect the space. What’s the point of finishing your basement if water leaks will damage the investment you made? Knowledge is power, and with this knowledge, you will be able to understand what types of ways water can enter into your basement.

Water is destructive and is the reason why basements are destined for failure. Here are four sources of moisture that can be found in a basement.

Groundwater leaks

  • These leaks are created when rain from a heavy storm seeps into the basement. Groundwater leaks very in size, but the cost of repair can really add up.

Plumbing Leaks

  • The basement is a pit in the ground under your home so plumbing leaks are bound to happen. A pipe will blow someday and when it does you can have 500 gallons of water per square inch every hour. There are also drain pipes with openings like toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines that are just waiting to leak.

  • With groundwater and plumbing leaks, the floors, drywall, and repainting will need to be replaced after these water leaks affect the safety of these materials.


  • Wicking occurs when water in the liquid form soaks through pour materials. For instance, if a concrete wall is wet on one side and the water soaks through to the other side acting like a sponge. This is very common in basement block walls but can occur in other foundation walls as well.

Vapor Transmission

  • When water in vapor form comes through the porous cement and evaporates off the surface into the basement. A gas will move from more to less. Even when the ground isn’t wet, it is always near humidity, and that vapor is moving through the concrete into your basement. This explains why basement air feels humid and heavy.


  • Condensation will develop during the summer when the warm humid air enters into a cooled basement. The hotter the temperature outside, the more condensation will develop.

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