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Fortress Foundation Solutions Case Studies: Bowing Wall - Frederick,MD

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 by Janelle Joseph


The basement in Frederick, MD had a major issue with the foundation stablility. You could begin to see the wall starting to bow inward. This is very dangerous for any homeowner. If the foundation wall is not stabilized it can collaps inward causing the whole house to fall. Our System Designer, Dave went out to this home to observe the serverity of this issue. Dave concluded that this home needed the following products: Geo Locks, Carbon Armor and Power Braces. 


After the free estimate of this home, our crews were ready to go out to this home and begin making it safe again. They began preparing the outside of the home for the Geo Locks. This product goes in the ground and helps push up against the wall. 

Next, Our crew began to apply this Carbon Armor on the walls. This includes applying a very sticky like glue to the wall and applying a carbon strip smoothly to the wall. This helps support the wall from coming in any further. 

Finally, Our crew installed Power Braces. These Power Braces are made to help stabilize and straighten the wall. These Braces go on the inside of the wall in the basement. They can also be tightened over time. 


The final result was a stable foundation for the the home. This also made the home much safer for the homeowners for years to come.   


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