What You Should Know About Crawl Space Insulation

Thursday, March 7th, 2019 by Kinsey Price

If you ever wondered why your thermostat is running high and your home is cozy and warm, but your floors are cold to the touch, then it may be because of your crawl space. Your crawl space may not have the proper insulation it needs to prevent air and water from entering your home. If you are experiencing cold floors, increased allergic reactions, and higher energy bills, then it is recommended that you work together with a crawl space repair professional right away.

At Fortress Foundation Solutions, our team of driven and dedicated professionals wants to help keep your home running efficiently throughout the year. We are eager to help homeowners save more by obtaining the knowledge necessary to do so. Here is what you should know about why crawl space insulation is important in your home.

Eliminates Moisture

Insulating your crawl space adequately will keep air from creeping in and affecting the surfaces. Proper insulation keeps crawl space surfaces from becoming wet or having condensation form, especially during warmer months when humidity is higher. If your crawl space is also prone to water intrusions, installing a vapor barrier system will allow it to stay dry and further prevent water from entering your home.

Reduces Allergens

Crawl space insulation will help keep out allergens and irritants such as mold as it will make it more difficult for them to enter and damage your home. This way, the right amount of crawl space insulation can also work as an air sealant.

Keeps Your HVAC System Running Efficiently

During the colder months, with little to no insulation, your crawl space may contract from the colder temperature and heating and cooling will be lost to the surface. With a crawl space insulation installation, it will keep your heating and cooling inside your home. This means that your HVAC system will not have to work more than it needs to, especially during more extreme temperature changes.

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Our team at Fortress Foundation Solutions understands that no crawl space is the same and will be able to provide customized insulation services just for you. We have the experience you can trust to improve your home. Whether you need insulation or repairs done in your crawl space, we will work efficiently to help your home run just as it needs to. Contact us at (434) 299-9393 to speak with a crawl space repair specialist today! Get started today and receive a FREE estimate in Blacksburg and the surrounding areas!

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