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Why You Should Choose PolyLevel For Your Concrete Repair Needs

Why You Should Choose PolyLevel For Your Concrete Repair Needs - Image 1

When tackling cracked and sunken concrete, there are a few avenues one can take to lift and repair it. One option is to use mudjacking, a method of concrete leveling that involves pumping a mixture of water, soil, and concrete (mud) underneath the sinking slab. This mud fills up all the empty spaces and adds pressure that lifts the concrete upwards. This is a commonly used method, and it does the job, but it also has its drawbacks. Mudjacking is extremely messy and requires large holes to be bored into the concrete. It also takes takes quite a long time to dry, usually about a day.

Another common fix used by contractors is to replace the damaged concrete entirely. After jackhammering and breaking apart the existing slab, they remove the chunks and re-level the soil, and a fresh, even concrete slab is installed. Like mudjacking, this method has quite a few drawbacks. Obviously, any job that requires a jackhammer is going to be loud, messy, expensive, and time consuming. Concrete also takes a long time to dry and be usable again. Most importantly, this does not actually address the main issue: soil eventually sinks and washes away under the pressure of concrete until it can no longer support the weight, causing it to crack.

The best solution for cracking and sunken concrete, the solution used by Fortress Foundation Solutions, is PolyLevel. PolyLevel is an expanding composite foam that is injected through tiny holes in the surface of the concrete to lift and level it. Unlike mudjacking, PolyLevel is much less invasive and creates less of a mess, making it a great solution for homes and businesses. It also dries extremely quickly (in under 30 minutes) and is capable of supporting over 6,000 pounds per square foot. PolyLevel is lighter than concrete and mudjacking slurry, which means it does not cause the soil to sink, and because it does not mix with the dirt, it is much better for the environment. For a quick, economical final fix for all your concrete problems, consider PolyLevel and Fortress Foundation Solutions!

If you're interested in PolyLeveling in Meadowview and the surrounding areas, look no further than Fortress Foundation Solutions!

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