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Does your basement leak in the spring?

Does your basement leak in the spring? - Image 1

Don't let the leaky spring season stop you from having a nice, warm, comfortable and DRY basement this year! Basement finishing does not have to be done all at once! Let's break it down into manageable chunks.

Lets say you are a fairly new homeowner who bought the house with a great vision for finishing that ugly, musty basement. Sure the sellers said the basement didn't leak, they wouldn't lie, right? No matter if they lied or something happened over winter, your basement leaked all of last spring.

All thoughts of finishing that area left your mind as you thought, "there's no way I'm spending lots of money to finish my basement only to have it all be ruined next year."

So you use it for a storage spot and the laundry room, which you hate using because its in the ugly, damp, musty, unfinished basement.

Stop thinking like that! You can have a finished basement! It may take one more step than you were planning on, but shouldn't your basement be waterproofed anyways?

You decide to look into costs of finishing your basement and give Total Basement Finishing Solutions a call. They set up an appointment for your free estimate and come out to meet you at your home.

After the visit, you feel much better. Your plan for a finished basement might not be finished in the one year you hoped, but by breaking the process down into steps you found you can waterproof your basement and finish it too.

You love the fact that they can do the waterproofing all winter, meaning you do not have to worry about spring flooding any longer!

If you are looking for a basement waterproofing company in Austinville and the surrounding areas, look no further than Fortress Foundation Solutions!

Call us today at 1-434-473-7012 or contact us online for a free estimate!

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