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Basement Waterproofing

  • Sump Pump Repair & Maintenance
  • Wall Coverings
  • BrightWall® Basement Wall Panels
  • Everlast™ Finished Wall Restoration System
  • Basement To Beautiful™ Insulated Wall Panels
  • Waterproof Basement Flooring
  • ThermalDry® Elite Plank Flooring
  • MillCreek™ Wood Laminate Flooring
  • ThermalDry® Basement Floor Tiles
  • ThermalDry® Carpeted Floor Tiles
  • ThermalDry® Parquet Floor Tiles
  • ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking™
  • Pro Comfort Carpeting
  • ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting

Foundation & Crawl Space Repair

  • Foundation Pier Systems
  • Helical Piers
  • Push Piers
  • Slab Piers
  • Foundation Wall Repair Services
  • Wall Anchors
  • The Geo-Lock™ Foundation Wall Anchor System
  • The Geo-Lock™ Street Creep Repair System
  • The Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchor System
  • Hide-A-Way® Wall Anchor Covers
  • SmartJack® Crawl Space Support Posts
  • CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System
  • PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System
  • EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System

Mold Remediation

  • Basement Mold Removal
  • Bathroom Mold Removal
  • Black Mold Removal
  • Mold Treatment

Concrete Leveling

  • PolyLevel®
  • PolyLevel® Injection Foam
  • Concrete Lifting
  • Interior Slab Leveling
Before and After Pictures from Catharpin
Damp Falling Insulation Swapped for a Clean and Usable Crawlspace

Damp Falling Insulation Swapped for a Clean and Usable Crawlspace

Before After
Damp Falling Insulation Swapped for a Clean and Usable Crawlspace Damp Falling Insulation Swapped for a Clean and Usable Crawlspace

Before diving into the visual transformation of this Catharpin, VA crawl space, let's tackle the problem: a homeowner plagued by falling insulation, pesky humidity levels, and uninvited critters taking refuge. As you can see in the before photo, these issues compromised the space’s integrity and comfort. Making a turn for the amazing, the after photo underscores our tailored fix - employing CleanSpace to encapsulate and protect, paired with SaniDry Sedona ensuring a lasting, moisture-free, and inhospitable zone for pests. Experience comfort redefined, footprint secured - courtesy of Fortress Foundation Solutions.

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* Please note that Fortress Foundation Solutions only offers trusted Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space Repair, and Foundation Repair services throughout Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. We do not offer Concrete Repair services in Maryland and West Virginia.

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Structural solutions & wet basement repair

Doing the impossible is what we strive for at Fortress Foundation Solutions and we hope to change the world with our high standards in customer service, craftsmanship, and products. It is unfortunate that the new standard in contracting is mediocrity but we founded Fortress Foundation Solutions to provide our Catharpin, VA friends and neighbors elite basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and mold removal services that are thorough and durable.

Call today for a FREE consultation and written estimate on any of our wet basement repair, crawl space repair, foundation repair, and mold removal services!

Basement waterproofing services

Nobody wants a wet basement. Wet basements in Catharpin can be caused by a variety of forces, such as hydrostatic pressure, freeze and thaw cycles leading to cracks in foundation walls or floors, and simply time spent exposed to the elements. If you’ve been struggling with a wet basement in your Catharpin home, then it’s time to call in the basement waterproofing experts at Fortress Foundation Solutions. Our company specializes in all things wet basement repair. Our basement waterproofing services include basement crack repair, sump pump installation, waterguard drainage installation, and more. We are a trusted and proven basement waterproofing contractor, and we’d love to bring our services to your home!

Our basement waterproofing solutions include:

  • Sump pump repair & maintenance
  • Waterproof wall products
  • Water resistant flooring options
  • Basement dehumidifiers

As a member of the Basement Systems network, we have access to patented products, innovative research, and community support from some of the best minds in the industry, with over 300 independently owned dealers across the United States and Canada.

Structural repair solutions for foundations

Your home’s foundation is its most important structural component. Without a strong and stable foundation system, your home’s structural integrity will degrade over the years. Foundations can settle downward, suffer from the heaving forces of expansive soils, experience wall cracks from years of excessive external pressures, and more. Whatever the cause of your foundation woes, have no fear. Fortress Foundation Solutions is your local foundation repair contractor, specializing in home foundation repair services. We offer foundation crack repairs, bowing wall repairs, home inspections, helical pier systems, and more. If you’re looking for a proven, expert home foundation repair company in Catharpin, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our foundation repair solutions include:

  • Helical piers
  • Push piers
  • Slab piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Wall reinforcing systems
  • Wall repair systems
  • Street creep repair systems
  • Channel anchor systems

As a member of the Supportworks network, Fortress Foundation Solutions is apart of an expansive network that spans across the United States and Canada. Supportworks prides themselves on their innovation and research, with products and studies that are tested and proven by their in-house team of geotechnical and structural engineers.

Concrete repair and leveling in Catharpin, VA

If you’re in need of expert concrete repair services in Catharpin, then you’ve come to the right place. Fortress Foundation Solutions is your local concrete repair contractor, offering skill and experience across the spectrum of concrete repair and concrete leveling services. Cracks, sunken areas, and other concrete damages can form for a multitude of reasons, and we have a solution for all of them. Our concrete repair services include concrete driveway repairs, concrete patio crack fixes, sunken concrete sidewalk leveling, concrete pool deck repairs, and more. If you’re looking for a reliable, proven concrete repair and leveling company, then you’ve come to the right place! Using PolyLevel® we can lift and stabilize a wide range of concrete surfaces including:

  • Concrete pool decks
  • Slab Foundations
  • Concrete floors
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Landings

Crawl space repair & encapsulation services in Catharpin

Have a wet, dirty, foul-smelling crawl space in your home? Looking for a local crawl space repair company in Catharpin with proven expertise and reliable solutions? Look no further than Fortress Foundation Solutions. We are experts in crawl space repair services, including vapor barrier installation, crawl space encapsulation, dehumidifier and drainage installation, crawl space insulation, and more. Our solutions are tailor-made for every home, ensuring a long-term remedy for your crawl space woes. We provide dry, strong, mold-free, odorless crawl spaces for customers in Catharpin and the surrounding areas.

  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Vapor barrier
  • Energy-efficient dehumidifiers
  • Thermal insulation
  • Structural repairs
  • Crawl space winterization

Basement waterproofing, mold removal, and foundation repair company

We are committed to changing the world, one satisfied customer at a time. We are believers and we hope that by providing the best solutions, with care and intent, our basement waterproofing, mold removal, and structural repair services will raise standards in the customer service industry and make Catharpin, VA homeowners happier.

We provide FREE consultations and estimates in Catharpin, VA and nearby. Call 1-844-877-3244 or click below to schedule yours today!

Job Stories From Catharpin, VA
Cleanspace in Catharpin, VA

Not too long ago, we encountered a homeowner in Catharpin, VA, tackling a very concerning issue in their home. Their home’s crawl space was not only suffering from high humidity levels, but it had also become a welcoming refuge for pests. Understandably, this combination of problems created an unhealthy living environment and raised immediate concerns for the structural integrity of their home. Once the homeowner reached out to us, our dedicated Customer Care team sprang into action, scheduling a thorough home inspection to get to the root of the problem. Our System Design Specialist conducted an in-depth inspection and concluded that the crawl space's condition was indeed dire. Humidity and pests had turned what should be a functional area of the home into a problem zone. To counter these issues, we proposed a targeted solution – installing our CleanSpace, SilverGlow insulation, and a SaniDry Sedona system. CleanSpace was to serve as a barrier, effectively encapsulating the crawl space to protect it from the dampness that pests thrive in. The SilverGlow insulation was selected to ensure the space kept dry, comfortable, and energy efficient, while the SaniDry Sedona would combat any existing humidity, preventing future issues. When our production team arrived, they handled the installation proficiently, transforming the afflicted crawl space into a clean, dry, and pest-free area. This complete makeover did not just eradicate the damp, unhealthy conditions but significantly improved the home’s overall health and energy efficiency. The homeowner was pleased with the outcome, as the once problematic crawl space was now an asset rather than a liability. Through our concentrated efforts, we provided a long-lasting solution that ensured peace of mind for the homeowner, reaffirming our mission to deliver a remarkable customer experience.

Sunken Concrete causes Injuries in Catharpin, VA

Recently in Catharpin, VA, we had the privilege of helping a homeowner who was concerned about the safety of her property. Her urgent call to us was prompted by an unfortunate incident where her grandmother tripped over a sunken concrete slab on the driveway. Understanding the hazards this presented, not just to her grandmother but to all who visited, she reached out to Fortress Foundation Solutions seeking a reliable fix to prevent any future injuries. Upon receiving her call, our Customer Care team quickly swung into action, scheduling a home inspection to assess the situation firsthand. Our System Design Specialist visited the home, took stock of the sunken slab, and crafted a customized solution that promised not only to address the immediate safety concerns but also provide a long-term resolution. We recommended the use of PolyLevel, an innovative foam injection concrete lifting and leveling solution, alongside NexusPro, a superior sealant for joints and cracks, known for its flexibility and durability. We understand how disruptive repair work can be. Therefore, our production team, led by a seasoned foreman alongside skilled installers, worked efficiently and meticulously to ensure the job was done right with minimal intrusion into the homeowner's daily life. With precision, they raised the sunken slab back to its proper level using PolyLevel and sealed it seamlessly with NexusPro to prevent future shifting and cracking. The result was not just a leveled and stabilized driveway but also peace of mind for the homeowner, secure in the knowledge that the safety hazard had been effectively mitigated against. The look on our client’s face when she saw the transformed space was absolutely rewarding. It’s interactions like these that reaffirm our commitment to providing not just an excellent service but also a remarkable customer experience, ensuring every home we work on is safe.

Hoping to Sell in Catharpin, VA

When the homeowner from Catharpin, VA, reached out to us at Fortress Foundation Solutions, they were dealing with an all-too-common problem that makes any homeowner's heart sink: water in the basement. They were gearing up to sell their home and knew that this issue could significantly reduce its market value. Understanding the urgency and importance of the situation, we jumped into action. Our seamless process began with an initial contact to our dedicated Customer Care team, who promptly scheduled a home inspection. Our system design specialist then thoroughly inspected the basement, pinpointing the origin of the water issue with expertise and care. After diagnosing the problem, we recommended a tailored solution that included the installation of our WaterGuard basement waterproofing system, TripleSafe Sump Pump, and CleanSpace vapor barrier — a combination designed for ultimate protection against moisture. Our production team, armed with the best tools and a clear plan, embarked on the project with one goal in mind—to restore the basement to a dry, clean, and safe state. The WaterGuard system was expertly installed around the perimeter of the basement to efficiently channel water into the TripleSafe Sump Pump, ensuring the basement stays dry under all conditions. The CleanSpace vapor barrier was also strategically placed to provide an additional layer of protection against humidity and moisture, wrapping up the basement walls with its durable, waterproof surface. The result? A transformed basement that's not just dry but also significantly more appealing to potential buyers. The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome, appreciating how our solutions not only tackled the immediate water issue but also played a pivotal role in helping secure a top-dollar sale for their home. Our dedication to providing a remarkable customer experience and delivering reliable, lasting solutions once again proved to be a cornerstone of success.