Case Studies

Foundation Repair Case Studies

Great Example Of Smart Jacks
This home had many foundation issues. The cement holding the block wall together was beginning to separate and the entire sealing was sagging. Many solutions were offered...
Bowing Wall - Frederick,MD
The basement in Frederick, MD had a major issue with the foundation stablility. You could begin to see the wall starting to bow inward. This is very dangerous for any homeowner....
Sagging Floors - Clear Brook, VA
This homeowner in Clear Brook,VA called Fortress Foundation Solutions with concerns about the support of the floors in the home. 
Sagging Floors -  Clear Brook,VA
This homeowner in Clear Brook,VA called Fortress Foundation Solutions with concerns about the support of the floors in the home. 
Helical Piers Used On Stone Chimney
This home presented numerous challenges for Fortress Foundation Solutions. The chimney was beginning to settle away form the foundation. This caused a massive crack to form...
Geo-Lock Anchors And Carbon Fiber Straps
The basement of this home had enormous cracks in its walls. These cracks were a result of poor foundation and settlement problems. These issues were causing the basement walls...
Push Pier Installation - Basye, VA
This home in Basye, Virginia had some significant cracking on the outside of the home due to foundation settlement. The home owner was worried about what this would mean for...
Basement Waterproofing & Geolock Installation - Gordonsville, VA
These homeowners noticed that their newly purchased home has some water getting into the basement through the walls. They also has some cracking on the esxterior of the home....
Carbon Armor Installation - Beaverdam,VA
This home in Beaverdam, VA was having issues with the basement wall in thier home. The homeowners noticed the walls had cracks all over the wall. This issues could cause major...
Carbon Armor & Push Pier Installation - Beaverdam, VA
This home in Beaverdam, Virginia had some hairline cracks on their basement walls that grew over time and turned into stair-step cracks. This was caused by settlement of the...
Mineral, VA Home With Foundation Problems
When the owner of this home first approached Fortress Foundation Solutions, he stated that his home had numerous cracks in its foundation walls. Not only were there cracks...
Helical Piers For Unstable Deck In Harrisonburg
The biggest problem when working with foundation problems is always the soil around your home. Many people fail to recognize that soils are constantly expanding and shrinking...
Carbon Armor - Harrisonburg,VA
The homeowners in Harrisonburg,VA notice cracks in the foundation wall in their basement. They wanted to fix this issue before it became a major one. They called Fortress...
Bowing Walls - Charlottesville, VA
A homeowner in Charlottesville, Virginia called us here at Fortress Foundation Solutions to see what could be done about the bowing walls in their basement. We sent one of...
Sagging Floors - Crozet, VA
Moisture continued to get into this crawl space. Due to the high humidity levels, the wooden support beams in the crawl space collected that moisture and they became weak....
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